About Us

Why we Do, What we Do

We have pledged to engage all our Effort & Resources to provide a Safe and Secure environment where our Society

(Family, Friends & Others in and around the Garden Route)

can Travel & Live in Safety & Security

How Do we Do it ?

Provide our Quality Products and Services at Fair & Reasonable Prices

By being Innovative in providing customers with Customized Solutions

By manufacturing locally we can ensure the best delivery time in the region

Crime prevention and awareness program at garden route mall and with local community

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Our vehicles are well branded for your peace of mind

Crime prevention and awareness program with the 101 Dalmatians


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Crime prevention and awareness program with the intruder resistant stickers

What Do we Do ?

We manufacture, supply and install the following Security products:

Security Doors

Security Windows

Security Gates

Security Fences

Security Automation

Security Glass

Burglar Bars

Intruder Proof Products

Pepper Spray Alarm Systems

Garage Doors

Drive Way Gate

Stainless Steel Security Screens

Intruder Proof Security Screens

National Crime Barriers was founded as a result of the increasing crime problem in our communities and neighborhoods. It took a few incidents – personally and with our friends, customers and community before we realize that we should do something to contain and resolve the problem. We quickly realized that we had the basic barriers such as security door, gates and burglar bars. Demand escalated for more sophisticated and stylish security barriers, therefore we quickly developed an extensive range of security products.

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Johan Engelbrecht

Founder & CEO