Frame-less Security Balustrades with 12 mm toughen glass

Glass Balustrades


Below examples of frame-less security Balustrades used in different areas and fitted to different material.


Balustrades fitted to wooden deck



Balustrades can be added to any level of your home indoor and outdoor



Fully Toughened Glass

Impact resistant

Thermal safety

Elastic properties


Fully Toughened Glass

Elastic properties allow for “bend before break” increasing its safety to your family

When failure occur it disintegrates into small fragments classified as “non-injurious”

Thermal safety allows for use in very high to very low temperature zones


Balustrades are made from Toughened Glass

Toughened Glass is 4 – 5 times stronger then untreated glass of the same thickness

Toughened Glass has a greater heat resistant factor than untreated glass

Toughened Glass remains stable from -100ºC to 280ºC and can withstand a temperature down-shock of 300ºC   (this would be equivalent to dropping molten led based metal onto an ice cold glass sheet)

Note: On ordering any Toughened Glass product the following applies

Toughened glass cannot be cut or drilled. Any form of post-toughened changes can lead to sudden failure not limited to but including Edge Grinding and Sand Blasting.

Toughened Glass products come with a variety of edge finishes depending on the request and specific product requested. Finishing includes flat ground, pencil edge and bright polish on rectangular, shaped and custom shaped glass.