Security Burglar Bars

Aluminium Burglar-Bars

Our 100% aluminium burglar bars are highly visible and corrosion resistant. The perfect deterrent to intruders and burglars.

burglar 1

Aluminium Burglar Bars

Steel Burglar-Bars

All our steel burglar bars are hot dipped galvanized and powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance and strength. Burglar bars could also be mounted inside a frame to enhance the security rating. Steel burglar bars can be customized to customer preference.

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Poly Carbonate Burglar-Bars

Invisible poly carbonate bars, see through, C-through or C-THRU bars are constructed from high quality poly carbonate sheeting. See through burglar bars give a similar protection as steel burglar bars with a clear unobstructed view. C-through burglar bars can be fitted to both aluminium and wooden window frames. Needless to say that C-THRU burglar bars are 100% corrosion resistant.

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Intruder Proof / Bullet Proof Glass

Burglar resistant glass is constructed from vinyl layer sandwiched between two glass sheets. The vinyl layer can vary between .38 and 1.14 mm depending on the level of security required. The thickness of the glass and layers can also vary for construction of bullet resistant glass.